Duchy of Upper Hollywood (DUH)

Proclamation of Dec 17, 2020

Fellow citizens of Upper Hollywood and Burbank, the lights of Hanukhah draw to a close, and the lights of Christmas come into view.

These are stressful times, but they are also extraordinary times. The plague surges out of control, fueled by Thanksgiving gatherings and other irresponsible behavior. And yet, vaccines have been developed in record time, and are being deployed even now.

Draw your loved ones close, and enjoy the refuge you find with them. Avoid all risks that may lead to hospitalization for any reason, as the hospitals are overwhelmed. Avoid ladders, strenuous lifts, or anything else that may injure you. Maintain your preparations, should you need them. Wait out the season in warmth and safety, and know that our salvation is soon at hand...

In Our Duchal Residence, in Our Duchy of Upper Hollywood, this seventeenth day of December in the year of Our Lord two thousand and twenty, in the first year of Our Reign.

Ari the First
Heir of House Schindler
Duke of Upper Hollywood
Protector of Burbank
Editor of the Desperate Times








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