Duchy of Upper Hollywood (DUH)

Proclamation of Dec 31, 2020

Dearest citizens of Upper Hollywood and Burbank, we stand at the threshold of a new world. The curtain falls on the year 2020, in which the present collided violently with the future, and severed our bonds to the past. As you will see when the dawn breaks, there is no more path ahead or path behind. There is only the eternal NOW, and the person you CHOOSE to be.

Through this proclamation, we affirm that you are freed from the history that brought you to this moment. The very act of reading these words annoints you with responsibility for your own identity, and with authority to shape it as you will. It matters not if you were weak, because now you can be strong. It matters not if you were fearful, because now you can be courageous. It matters not if you were petty, because now you can be noble. Most importantly, it matters not if you falter, because you can always choose to STAND BACK UP, and become your yet greater self. You can meet the challenges you face, and write your own destiny, if you so CHOOSE.

Raise your glass tonight, together with all the world, and be ready to take that first glorious step forward tomorrow!

In Our Drinking Establishment, in Our Duchy of Upper Hollywood, this last day of the year of Our Lord two thousand and twenty, in the first year of Our Reign.

Ari the First
Heir of House Schindler
Duke of Upper Hollywood
Protector of Burbank
Editor of the Desperate Times








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