Duchy of Upper Hollywood (DUH)

Proclamation of Dec 10, 2020

In this winter season, we recognize the stalwart Imperial leadership of Antarctica, which continues to weather this global crisis, without a single case of COVID-19. Further, we recognize that even a principality of unparalleled brilliance, such as our beloved Duchy of Upper Hollywood, can learn from the wise and noble rulers of peer nations. We look forward to the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Imperial court of Antarctica, to adapting our own pandemic policies based on their experience, and to the eventual opening of trade between our peoples.

In Our Royal Garden, in Our Schindler Estate, in the Woodland Hills, this tenth day of December in the year of Our Lord two thousand and twenty, in the first year of Our Reign.

Ari the First
Heir of House Schindler
Duke of Upper Hollywood
Protector of Burbank
Editor of the Desperate Times








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