Duchy of Upper Hollywood (DUH)

Proclamation of Nov 9, 2020

I, Ari the First, Duke of Upper Hollywood and Protector of Burbank, congratulate Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. on his election to the Presidency of the United States of America.

Further, we are proud of the American people for taking another historic step in elevating underrepresented groups, by electing a senior citizen to the highest office in their nation. We are overjoyed that future generations of senior citizens will grow up knowing there are no limits to what they too can achieve.

Inspired by this momentous event, and recognizing that our Duchy is landlocked and surrounded entirely by the United States of America, we look forward to a productive relationship with future President Biden and Vice President Harris.

In Our Circus Liquor Parking Lot, this ninth day of November in the year of Our Lord two thousand and twenty, in the first year of Our Reign.

Ari the First
Heir of House Schindler
Duke of Upper Hollywood
Protector of Burbank
Editor of the Desperate Times








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